Nordic Dental Laboratory fabricates IPS e.max Press and zirconia dental crowns and bridges. These are artificial teeth, that are placed on patient’s partially missing teeth by a dentist. It is also possible to order dental crowns and bridges from Nordic Dental Laboratory, this means that patient’s completely missing tooth is replaced.

The emphasis is on high quality of work, when it comes to dental technology – we acknowledge, that a happy patient means that the dentist is satisfied with our services!

Nordic Dental Laboratory’s missioon is to offer dental laboratory services of high quality and efficiency for dental facilities and dentists at competitive price levels.

Nordic Dental Laboratory’s vision is to be among the leading dental laboratories in Estonia, to become the pioneers of field’s development in usage of the newest technological solutions, and to offer services outside of Estonia as well.

In case you are interested in our services, please feel free to write or call us!

All-ceramic works

  • E.max veneer
  • E.max crown
  • E.max bridge (up to 3 units)
  • E.max: inlay, onlay, overlay
  • Zirconia crown/bridge (up to 14 units)
  • Wax-up
  • Combined working model
  • Opposing jaw model
  • Diagnostic model
  • Calling the technician

Implant works

  • E.max crown on an implant /e.max bridge on implants
  • Zirconia crown on an implant /zirconia bridge on implants
  • Working the abutment
  • Abutment key
  • Gum mass
  • Cementing a screwable crown